For After Your LINX® Procedure

• The day of surgery you should stay on a liquid diet, because anesthesia sometimes causes nausea.

• The morning after surgery you should resume a normal solid food diet.

• Typically most patients have little on no trouble swallowing for the first week or two.

• Eating small meals every three to four hours is recommended to keep the device functioning normally.

• Difficult or even painful swallowing is common beginning 7 to 10 days after the LINX device is implanted. 

• Do not panic if something feels like it is stuck. Try drinking a small amount of warm tea or milk.

• If you experience trouble swallowing contact the doctor, but DO NOT RESORT TO A LIQUID DIET. 

• It is important to continue eating solid food frequently to keep the LINX device functioning properly. 

• Room temperature to moderately warm liquids are best. Cold liquids may make things worse.
• Typically, swallowing trouble resolves within six to eight weeks. 

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