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• Immediately after surgery you will be started on a liquid diet.

• It is important to stay adequately hydrated. 

• You will need to stay on liquids for the first week after your procedure.

• Stay away from extreme hot/cold foods as these may cause esophageal spasm.

• DO NOT DRINK FROM A STRAW as this will introduce more air into your stomach.

• Refrain from carbonated beverages because they will also introduce gas into your stomach.

Dietary Specifics

Week 1 - liquids only, or foods that turn to liquid in your mouth, including juice, broth, Jell-O without fruit, milkshakes, Carnation Instant Breakfast, Ensure or other commercial liquid food supplement products, ice cream or sherbets, soups (those with vegetables, noodles, or meat should be strained), pudding, yogurt (with no fruit), coffee, tea, Cream of Wheat or Malt-o-Meal (diluted with water or milk).

Week 2 - soft foods, including baked or broiled fish, scrambled eggs, steamed vegetables (soft), mashed potatoes, pasta, oatmeal and other similar soft foods.  

Week 3 - advance your diet as tolerated, but avoid red meats and bread, including tortillas, for the first four to six weeks to allow the swelling to resolve. When you do begin eating more normal foods it's important to take small bites and chew everything thoroughly before swallowing.

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